UiPath Career Webinar - October 2023

Oct 31, 2023, 5:30 – 7:00 AM


Are you curious about the world of business automation? UiPath Career Webinars is an excellent starting point for you to explore it. This immersive online event series is specially designed for students and placement officers from UiPath Academic Alliance partner institutions. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and advancements in the field.

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About this event

Hosted by UiPath Academic Alliance 

The "UiPath Career Webinar Series" is a series of online webinars and career talk sessions that provide valuable insights, industry expectations, and essential tips to help students build successful careers in the automation industry. The series is led by industry experts, professionals, and educators at the forefront of the automation revolution. 

Through enlightening panel discussions and career-oriented sessions, you'll gain valuable insights into the core of automation and its underpinnings. We'll explore the pivotal skills and technical competencies demanded by the industry that are crucial for success. 

Webinar 2: Career Pathways in Automation

• Exploring various career paths in the automation industry

• Roles and responsibilities of Automation professionals in different sectors

• Navigating career growth and development opportunities

The second webinar in this series features the following speakers - 

1. Krishna Subramanian - Head of Digital COE- Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

2. Anand Gurumurthy - Asst Vice President – Intelligent Automation- Cognizant

3. Mayank Gupta - Managing Director- SimplifyNext

4. Ashley Lopez - Head RPA Practice- Intelligent Automation – UST

The session will be moderated by Subhashree Mohan, Director, HR - UiPath


  • Krishna Subramanian

    Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

    Head - Digital COE

  • Anand Gurumurthy


    Asst Vice President – Intelligent Automation

  • Mayank Gupta


    Managing Director

  • Ashley Lopez


    Head RPA Practice- Intelligent Automation


  • Subhashree Mohan


    Director - HR


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