Developer Connect - AI Fabric

Sep 15, 2020, 2:30 – 4:00 AM


Struggling to apply AI? Join our hands-on Developer Connect on AI Fabric to learn how you can orchestrate all moving pieces of AI: deploy, consume, manage, and improve machine learning models. Let AI Fabric do the heavy lifting so you can reap the benefits from new cognitive workflows while focusing on your business.

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About this event

Based on feedback from our last Developer Connect hands-on session, customers and partners want to learn more about UiPath AI Fabric.

Join our first Developer Connect on AI Fabric on Tuesday 15 September at 2.30pm NZST for 90 minutes. AI Fabric is one of the newer features of the UiPath Hyperautomation platform that brings Data Scientists and RPA teams together.

The session is instructor-led to train and deploy an ML model and is suitable for Developers. We will create a simple AI Fabric project and deploy it to UiPath Orchestrator and enable you to consume the ML skills we will create. Reviewing the problem of email classification that many companies face, we will train an ML model using AI Fabric and use it to classify the mail messages.

Below is the detailed agenda we will follow:

  • Create an AI Fabric project
  • Upload the dataset required to train the model
  • Write the python code that AI Fabric reads and trains the model – Knowledge of Python language is recommended
  • Train and test the model
  • Deploy the model on Orchestrator
  • Create a simple workflow using UiPath Studio to use the model


Please send me your name and email address before 5.00pm Monday 14 September so we can register you on the platform prior to the session commencing tomorrow. Email:

Here is material:

This session is planned to be hands on, however we are structuring the session so that you can watch and listen. We will distribute all the material after the session so you can develop the solution in you own time. The reason being, everybody’s machine/laptop/desktop is different and hence you might get into issues while you code and not be able to keep up.

The following links will help you follow what is happening in the demonstration including concepts and terminology used.

Basic understanding of machine learning concepts and terminology is necessary

Basic understanding of Tensorflow API concepts

Recommended that you have done the UiPath AiFabric Overview course on


You need to have access to an AI Robot.

You can get that access to AI Robot:

Via UiPath Enterprise Cloud account – (Means you have already purchased the AI Robot licenses)

Or Via Enterprise Cloud trial account

Or on the day of the session, we will have a few AI Robot licenses for participants to try on, but these will be very limited and will only be provided to participants for 48 hours

A laptop or a desktop

With Windows 10 or Mac operating System

With Chrome installed on it

With Python 3.6 or 3.7 or 3.8 installed on it

With VS code / PyCharm IDE installed on it. We will use VS code to develop the python machine learning code


  • Smit Rathore


    Presales Technical Consultant

  • Ken Day


    Presales Technical Consultant


  • Ken Day


    Presales Technical Consultant


  • Andrea Van Unen-Smith

    Marketing Director