UiPath Course : Basic to Advanced - Getting Started

Jun 17, 2023, 8:30 – 9:00 AM


In this meet we will learn how to start your journey in UiPath. How to envision the route of Automation and develop an astonishing career out of it.

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About this event

This is the first virtual meetup in a series of meetups where we will be learning about how to build a career in RPA.

We will be covering all the aspects of RPA and UiPath along with entire course on how to code in UiPath from Basic to Advanced.

In this Introductory session you will be learning about :

1. What is RPA and how easy is it to start your coding journey.

2. How much does a RPA developer make based on years of experience.

3. How easy it is to get UiPath Freelancing Jobs (Live Example)

4. How hard or easy is it to switch fields for being a RPA developer.

5. Where UiPath can be used and how to install it on your system and get started.

If you follow the instructions carefully and dedicatedly, you will be landing your first job in less than a month.


  • Ashutosh Sharma

    Jade Global

    Sr. Technical Analyst

  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager APJ


  • Ashutosh Sharma

    Jade Global

    Senior Technical Analyst

  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APJ

  • Vishal Kalra

    Automation Consultant

  • Malak Dudhia

    Senior Developer