Automation Champions FAQ


Automation Champions Application FAQ


Question: What is an Automation Champion?

An Automation Champion is an individual employed by one of UiPath customer organizations who is passionate about RPA, building communities and is willing to help peers to learn and unleash the power of automation.   

Question: Do I need to announce the company I work for, to get permission?  

Yes, preferably before applying. However, after your submission is validatedyou will need to sign a Legal Agreement to be part of the program.  

Question: How long can I be Automation Champion for?

There is no limitation to the Automation Champion (AC) tenure, but there are strings attached. We are aiming for each individual to participate in at least 1 activity from the AC Community and developed or roll out at least one activity within the internal (company) community every 6 months. 

Question: What activities should I expect when joining the Automation Champions Community?

You will be invited to join a private communication group channel, you will have access to a dedicated community, you will receive playbooks for meetups, hackathons, engagement tactics.  You will benefit from knowledge transfer sessions & support form UiPath community team and you will participate in dedicated events and roundtables   

Question: What do I do if I do not qualify to become an Automation Champion this year? 

Once you hit the 1-year experience mark you can re-apply again! In the meantime, we encourage you to join one of the other programs: Chapter Organizer, Content Creators.  

Question: I don’t work for a UiPath customer organization, can I still apply? What should I expect? 

The program is dedicated to customer employees. If you do not match this criteriawe encourage you to join one of the other programs: MVP, Chapter Organizer, Content Creators.  


Question: When will I know I will be Automation Champion? 

Your submission will be reviewed immediately, and you will receive an answer via email from one of the UiPath Community Managers in a maximum of 7 days.