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These introductory live sessions are brought to you live by the UiPath APJ Sales Engineering Team

A list of the sessions are shown below.

** YOUR CHANCE TO WIN US$50 Gift Card **

By attending any event in the"APJ Emerging Enterprise Virtual Events" Calendar for Sept 2022, Oct 2022 and Nov 2022, you are eligible to enter our monthly competition to win US$50 gift card....

To submit an eligible entry to win the Contest, your email Submission must include the following:

• The name of the Session Attended (e.g. How to Automate Your SAP Environment)

(only Sessions from https://community.uipath.com/apj-emerging-enterprise-virtual-events/ are valid)

• The date you attended the virtual Session

• Your email address used to register the event

• Your business email address (if different to your event registration email address)

• A paragraph (no more than 500 words) on how the Session information would be relevant and solve a Customer/Client business problem:

▪ The paragraph must also include:

▪ Type of Industry (e.g. Banking, Healthcare, Retail etc)

▪ The department to benefit (e.g. HR, IT Ops, Contact Centre etc)

▪ A description of the problem being solved

▪ A description of how the UiPath feature from the Session attended will solve the problem

(There is no need to identify/name a specific client or organisation)

Email your entry to:    tony.nudd@uipath.com   within the calendar month of the session attended

One prize per month will be awarded.

Full details of competition terms and conditions can be downloaded here:


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