UiPath Automation Hub Best Practices- Webinar Series


We're happy to share seven webinar recordings together with supporting materials with tips on how to successfully roll-out UiPath Automation Hub and scale your automation program with effective prioritization, faster implementation, and the impact you can measure.



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Session 1 - Getting Started 

Learn the why, what, where and how when it comes to setting up the UiPath Automation Hub

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Session 2 - Large Scale Rollouts

Hints on how to handle large-scale Automation Hub deployments and ensure proper users' access to the content managed in Automation Hub

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Session 3 - Using the right KPIs to build a strong business

Customize idea assessments to prioritize easier and with greater impact on the business by using the right KPIs

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Session 4 - Communicating the potential of the automation program

Tips on how to visualize the status and performance of your automation opportunities pipeline for easier, transparent and relevant reporting

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Session 5 - Integrating with 3rd party applications via the Open API 

Learn how to get or send data from/to Automation Hub via the Open API layer to create custom reports or even chatbots

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Session 6 - Reconfiguring Automation Hub     

 Discover how to keep Automation Hub up to date to reflect the changes occuring in your organization

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Session 7 -  Engaging users to contribute to the automation program 

Discover how to engage with your employees to keep them contributing to the automation program

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For more details or queries, please contact us at: community@uipath.com