Jessica Lee

  • SkyFall Digital Limited, Managing Director
  • Education Management

About Me

从跨国公司数字营销、技术和制造领域的专业执行经理到金融科技企业家,Jessica的职业目标是通过智能自动化和建立未来的数字劳动力来改变和加速业务成功和效率。她走过数字化转型之旅,驻扎在韩国、印度尼西亚、新加坡和香港,为各种企业重新设计端到端价值链模式,以提升客户体验和运营效率。她现在是SkyFall Digital的董事总经理,SkyFall Digital是一家专注于RPA的金融科技初创公司,UiPath RPA社区的中国和香港分会负责人,以及亚洲不同大学和RPA社区的演讲嘉宾。 From a professional executive manager in digital marketing, technology and manufacturing of MNCs to a Fintech entrepreneur, Jessica’s career goal is to transform and accelerate business success and efficiency by intelligent automation and building tomorrow’s digital workforce. She sailed through the digital transformation journey, stationed in Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong to re-engineer the end-to-end value chain models for various enterprises for enhancing customer experiences and operation efficiency. She is now the Managing Director of SkyFall Digital, a FinTech start-up focusing RPA, the chapter leader of China and Hong Kong of UiPath RPA community, and the guest speaker in different universities and RPA communities in Asia.