Oluwatobi Ishola

Software Development · Automation · RPA · Robotics · AI · Chatbots · Tensorflow · blockchain · Microsoft · Teams · UiPath Community · App Development · Web Development · Full-Stack Development · Nodejs · Internet of Things · Reactjs · MongoDB · Open-Source · Visual Studio Code · GraphQL · Android

About Me

Oluwatobi is a Lead, Software Engineer, and team member at dipoleDIAMOND. He leads, and collaborates to building projects/solutions [clients’ and in-house] and inducing quality assurance. He is an everything-optimized person who is passionate about ensuring quality in his services, introducing standards, and well as providing technical expertise to solutions. As a Junior DevOps Engineer, certified Uipath (RPA) Advanced developer, trained ProcessMaker (BPM) developer, and well-skilled individual in both frontend and backend development, open and close sourced technologies/libraries/frameworks like c#, javascript, laravel php, node js, MS bot framework, and others, he has helped to design, and build processes, and software solutions for a number of clients. Oluwatobi is a Github Arctic Code Vault Contributor and Laravel-enthusiast who co-facilitates both cooperate training at dipoleDIAMOND and Web Development training at fofx Academy.