According to the report of World Economic Forum 2020, in the next 10 years, 50% of the jobs will be changed by automation and 5% will be obsolete. To adapt to the changing times and be prepared for the digital evolution, the path you take today is vital. We believe in the power of youth communities in igniting global change and lasting impact.

Students with fresh thoughts, novel ideas and let’s do attitude can use this platform to Connect, Build and Ace. Find your nearest UiPath Student chapter, meet your peers and join the end-to-end automation movement.

Vision of the Community


Unite - Forge connection and collaboration of like-minded and passionate students from diverse institutions to exchange ideas and work on projects.

Upskill -  Facilitate learning of process automation related topics by industry experts through trainings and workshops.

Unleash - Empower student leaders to unleash their full potential to engage with other students on campus and conduct trainings, hands-on labs and workshops.

Benefits of being a member


Develop in-demand RPA skills for a rewarding future.

Build robotic assistants to work faster and smarter, conduct research more easily, find financial aid or even automate your job hunt.

Help institution and local communities automate manual processes.

Gain experience and an edge over your peers.

Upcoming events