Our UiPath Stars

Each of our 1.5 million community members is important for us. All of you invested time, energy, and care, brought value in this space and we are grateful for this.

There are also people who wanted to become part of the Community core-team who build this ecosystem every day and we bow before them, thanking them for the way they embody our values and principles. We plan on continuously supporting their growth and acceleration through all our community platforms, keep them close and cherish their contribution. Until then, we also want you to meet them.

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Meet our Chapter Leaders

UiPath Community Chapter Leaders are the main drivers in building the Local UiPath Community, hosting events and evangelizing RPA.

Meet our MVPs

UiPath Community MVPs are the drivers in building the UiPath Community, supporting other RPA developers to enhance their skills, empowering women in tech, working with youth, and evangelizing RPA, providing feedback that shapes UiPath’s product roadmap - while at the same time growing their professional experience, network, and exposure.

Meet our Automation Champions

UiPath Community Automation Champions and passionate and ambitious people from our customer organizations eager to drive change and innovation, to enable peers to grow and to bring a robot for every person.

Meet our most active community members

The UiPath Community is built by each person who interacts on the Forum, writes a blog post or works on a tutorial. These are just a few of the amazing people who bring value through their continuous efforts to grow the UiPath Community with their passion, vision and knowledge.

Meet our Student Developers

UiPath Student Developers are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and multi-tasking student leaders who lead the UiPath Student Developer communities on their campus. Through this, they empower the fellow students with the skills and connections needed to become automation experts.