Frequently Asked Questions

UiPath Community Programs FAQ


Do I need to create a new account to access the UiPath Community events?

You can use your existing SSO account from Marketplace, Academy or Forum. 

I am already part of the Meetup group at, why should I join this platform?

At UiPath we will continue to improve the community experience. This platform will enable you to find all upcoming events locally and virtually at one place and connect with other RPA professionals in your area and digitally.

Who should join this platform? Do I need to have RPA knowledge to join the group?

UiPath Community meetups are for the benefit of the RPA community as a whole, not specific businesses or individuals or personas. Membership is open to all whom wish to join, regardless of ability, skill, financial status, or any other criteria.

How many chapters can I join?

You can join as many chapter as you wish. However, we encourage you to join your local chapter to ensure you don't miss any event in your area/time zone and with professionals in your region/time zone. We also have a Virtual tab which hosts global events, however be mindful of the time zones each event is held in. The event will happen in the time zone that is on the event page, and will not change, no matter what region you are in.

Can I chat with other users in the chapter?

You can't chat with other users in the group, however you can connect, collaborate, and chat with other users on our Forum

Who can see my profile?

Your profile is private and only visible to UiPath Administrators.

I have already created my profile, do I need to register again for each webinar or can I just RSVP?

Yes, you will receive notifications of each new event. Each new event requires a new registration.

I missed attending the session but I would like to have the meetup recordings and resources.

You can find specific meetup resources under relevant event in your chapter. If the organizer does decide to record the event, it will be on the "Past Event" registration pages on the chapter page. In case of in-person event, you may not find event recordings.

Is there any fee to attend any event or webinar?

All UiPath local meetups and virtual webinars are completely free of cost. 

I want to start a chapter in my city. How do I get started?

If there is not a group in your city but you would like to start one, fill out our application. We will reach out to you to understand more about the RPA community in your city to evaluate the need. Due to demand and commitment of creating a local meetup group, we may not start the group immediately but will work with you until the time is right to launch.

I want to become a speaker in the meetup. What should I do?

UiPath meetups are organized and run by UiPath community builder, anyone from community can show leadership. Please connect with your chapter organizer by clicking "Contact Us" on the chapter page.

I run a separate meetup group. Can I organize a joint meetup?

Cross pollination of meetup groups is a huge community bonus that we encourage. We advise to discuss joint meetup events that specifically relate to RPA / UiPath Community. We encourage for the registration page to be hosted on our Community Hub and all other meetup pages point to under the subsequent chapter. 

Can I update my profile?

User with existing profile can update it on Connect. 

How can I delete my account?

If you are thinking of deactivating your account, please email

I have feedback for the webinar and session. Where can I give my feedback?

We welcome your feedback, after each event you will receive post-event email where ou can share your feedback with the team.

What is the difference in a city chapter and Virtual/Global Chapters?

A city chapter will show events and webinars happening only in your city/region/time zone. The virtual/global webinars are global events that you can register for that have a global audience. It will be hosted in the time zone that is specified on the registration page.